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Hydrostatic Level Pressure Sensing from SENSATA

Sensata’s hydrostatic level pressure sensors incorporate a ceramic or MEMs sensing element with the latest state of the art electronics in an IP68 stainless steel housing.

Accurate and highly reliable Sensata’s hydrostatic level pressure sensors are ideal for measuring a broad range of liquids and most hydrocarbon based fluids.

The MacInnis Team would like to discuss your level sensing needs and determine if hydrostatic level sensing may be a good choice for your next design.

More information on some of Sensata’s pressure sensors, specifically their hydrostatic level pressure sensors can be found by clicking the image below.


Innovative Weight Reduction Options from Souriau-Sunbank by EATON

SOURIAU-SUNBANK Connection Technologies by Eaton continues to be the market leader in innovative solutions around design and manufacturing of top quality composite interconnect products.

These solutions not only include a complete offering of connectors and backshells, but also dust caps, T and Y transitions and shielding braids.

A summary of SOURIAU-SUNBANK’s composite offering can be found by clicking the image below.

Flow Switch Solutions from Sensata

MacInnis Group is pleased to announce Sensata’s new FSU Series. The FSU Series of pre-set switches uses a reliable and robust reed switch design for operation.

FSU Series switches have industry standard process connection sizes (push fit or NPT thread) that give a quick and reliable method of installation. This family is NSF-61 certified and therefore meets the stringent requirements for the control of equipment that comes in contact with potable water.

The switches are supplied with a standard wire length and flow rate set points, but can be customized to suit customer needs.

For more information, a product data sheet can be downloaded HERE.


Sensata’s Pressure Sensors & Switches

One source for all your pressure needs

Whatever configuration you require, look to Sensata. Our devices span a spectrum of pressure ranges, configurations and form factors:

  • High pressure (>750psi / 50bar)
  • Microfused Strain Gage solutions provides rugged reliability and a hermetic seal for a wide variety of environments
  • Mid pressure (100 to 750psi / 6 to 50 bar)
  • Ceramic capacitive or MEMS solutions offer a wide range of solutions tailored to application needs at superior value
  • Low pressure (inches of water to 100psi / 2mbar to 6 bar)
  • MEMS solutions including TPMS offer extremely low power consumption and wireless connectivity

You can find more information on Sensata’s pressure sensor and switch offering HERE.

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Sensata Has Much To Offer Boiler Manufacturers

Sensata has much to offer in the way of Pressure Sensors, Pressure Switches, and Solid State Relays that are all commonly used in boiler applications.

The team at MacInnis Group is ready to help provide you with the best possible solution for your next boiler design.

You can download the complete application note explaining a typical Sensata solution HERE.

Robert Giudicianni 2019 Quell Rep of the Year

MacInnis Group is pleased to announce that none other than our own Robert Giudicianni was recognized as the 2019 Quell Manufacturers’ Representative of the Year.

Although the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 EDS Leadership Summit did not allow for this award to be presented in person, Quell did share this achievement via a virtual rep meeting.

On behalf of all of the branches of MacInnis Group, congratulations to Robert and thank you Quell for a job well done.

EDS Leadership Summit – Missing Our Industry Friends

It was around this time last year the MacInnis Group was celebrating another successful EDS with a terrific dinner at what has become one of our favorite restaurants in Vegas.

We will not be able to keep this tradition in 2020, but there are far more important things that we need to focus on during these challenging times; foremost being that everyone stays healthy.

On behalf of the entire MacInnis Group Family, we miss all of our friends in the industry, stay healthy, and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Insight SIP – It’s All In The Package

Insight SIP offers a range of module which are the smallest on the market, allowing our customers to add wireless technologies in the smallest spaces together with a tradeoff of price/performance that suits their needs.

This has been achieved using our unique System-in-Package and Antenna-in-Package Technology. Our Module Product range with MCU and Antenna offers the best solution for wireless designs with ultra-low power.

These solutions are ideal for solving your needs for Short Range – Wide Area Network – Positioning, or a combination of.

Our standard offering of SIP packages are agency approve and includes state of the art antenna design incorporating BLE, LoRa, UWB, Thread, Xigbee, ANT+, and NB-IOT standard protocols.

Have the team at MacInnis Group assist you in better understanding how Insight SIP can help you on your next wireless design.

More information can be obtained on Insight SIP’s website by clicking HERE.

Souriau – Sunbank’s Single Arm Backshell

The single arm backshell series is designed to offer strain-relief and damage protection to cables and harnesses, while also ensuring maximum weight saving. Engineered for civil and military EWIS applications, the Single Arm has many benefits compared to its die casted metallic version. The high-grade thermoplastic composite material is not prone to electromagnetic disturbance, “stealth ability”, and presents a higher resistance to vibrations due to reduced harmonic resonance because of the weight reduction (40% lighter than aluminum).

Reducing weight will also have a positive impact on the overall weight of the electrical system, allowing the aircraft to spend less fuel and have a reduced impact on the environment.

Single Arm technology also offers the advantages of detent self-locking, a ratcheting coupling ring using non-corrosive clips inside. The audible ratcheting noise generated during the coupling process ensures a safe usage.

The backshell is available in 3 versions: Straight, 45° and 90°.

More information on Souriau – Sunbank’s single arm backshell can be found by clicking the image below.