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Souriau – Sunbank’s Single Arm Backshell

May 5th, 2020

The single arm backshell series is designed to offer strain-relief and damage protection to cables and harnesses, while also ensuring maximum weight saving. Engineered for civil and military EWIS applications, the Single Arm has many benefits compared to its die casted metallic version. The high-grade thermoplastic composite material is not prone to electromagnetic disturbance, “stealth ability”, and presents a higher resistance to vibrations due to reduced harmonic resonance because of the weight reduction (40% lighter than aluminum).

Reducing weight will also have a positive impact on the overall weight of the electrical system, allowing the aircraft to spend less fuel and have a reduced impact on the environment.

Single Arm technology also offers the advantages of detent self-locking, a ratcheting coupling ring using non-corrosive clips inside. The audible ratcheting noise generated during the coupling process ensures a safe usage.

The backshell is available in 3 versions: Straight, 45° and 90°.

More information on Souriau – Sunbank’s single arm backshell can be found by clicking the image below.

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