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AVX Ethertronics – Leader in Active Antenna Systems & Solutions

May 1st, 2019

Ethertronics Active Steering™ antenna systems portfolio boosts wireless connectivity significantly.

The patented technology continually optimizes the antenna’s direction in real-time on a per millisecond basis, creating multiple radiation patterns around the same antenna and then selects the ideal pattern to hit its targeted device with best signal.

The result is a major increase in range, reliability and speed between devices living on the fringes of a network or hidden behind walls and hard-to-reach spaces.

Our Active Steering and Ultra Fast – Low Ron Tuning Products may be the ideal solution for your new design, or an enhancement to a next generation product.

More information on AVX Ethertronics’ Active Antenna solutions can be found HERE.

Better yet, let the team at CFE-MacInnis better understand your wireless requirement and help recommend the best product available from AVX Ethertronics.